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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

And Then There Were 20. 20? Gah.
by Phan

Well what can be worse than the zzzzzzzzz performances forced upon us over the last two nights? I know! Let's make this the cruelest fucking results show ever!

I know, I know, they sign up for this, but Jesus Roman, this isn't entertainment at all, and I'm sure as hell am not sitting through it next week. Hello, DVR.

Seriously, this was equable to the results fiasco that ousted the wonderful Lisa Leuschner from her rightful spot in the Top 12 last year.

Melinda Lira is cut, to the shock of nobody. However, she does bring up the controversy of the show: Previous exposure leads to a safety net. And she's right. However, she's the wrong performer to be using this defense. She was incredibly meh Tuesday. Surprisingly, she was better tonight.

BobbleHead Janay Castine survives to blow another day. She is incredibly lucky, cause I would've ranked her about as low as the Romans for her "interpretation" of "I'm Gonna Love You Forever."

Jared Yates is gone to the shock of the... well... nobody. He wasn't the worst by any means, but he did absolutely nothing to deserve a vote. Simon was a huge ass to him, yes, but Paula and Randy annoyed the hell out of me more with their "Song Choice" blah cakes. Shut up both of you, you know damn well that the majority of the people who got cut were cut due to lack of screen time. Three of them (Melinda, Jared, and Sarah) were no better than most of the safe ones. The TV time plays a major role in it. Assholes.

I don't know. It's weird this year. This is pretty much how the elimination shows are anyway, but it seems a hell of a lot more evil. Then I realize, the function of the Semis isn't just to trim the fat, but to promote the best of the best. Granted by the end of the two days we should've had a Top 7 (well now a Top 6 since one of them got cut), but the semi-results were never so drab.

Sarah Mather is eliminated. I'm kinda surprised, but not disappointed. She picked the worst song to showcase her voice. She sucked the energy out it and she was one of the girls who would've benefited from doing ballads.

Then ToolBelt brings up the guys to do two by twos. After this clowning around (sadly without Miickle's aid), he cuts Judd Harris. What? Are you kidding me. A JPL clone who sings well and is just plain better looking compared to the original and America cuts him? Wow. You just never know.

I thought Judd had one of the top 4 performances of the night even with the JuddPL comments, but with all the mehness going on I can see why he fell. With all the knowns giving out poo performances and the top performances being virtual unknowns (Bo, Judd, and Nikko), one of those three was probably slated to go because we had to protect the cute, dying, faux rocking, ugly ones.

Next week:
Males - I'll stick with Travis slated to go next week. I'm surprised he didn't go tonight. And possibly... either Joseph or (sadly) Nikko.
Females - Celena's a goner. I don't know who'll take the second spot though. Maybe Janay.

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