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Monday, February 21, 2005

Boy Band Blahs
by Wandering Snark

Seacrest sez: "It's a good thing you're hooked because..." and I hear him saying 'we're going to be on daily!! You'll barely have time to eat and shower in between!'

The dance-tro is going to quickly become a TWoP snark-favorite! Whodathunk that David Brown could move like that?? Damn church boy!!

Nikko Smith Style 9, singing 6. I felt he hit that kinda 'taught' sounding upper end and just stuck there with nowhere to go... I'm routing for him but, he's gone.

Scott Savol I wouldn't have picked him for 'sappy ballad' detail but his voice really is pretty effortless. I wouldn't quite say 'voice of an angel' as some people have but good enough for this week for sure.

Whoa, it's wierd that we are talking to Bo but then it's a jarring cut to "and here's Anthony."

Here's Anthony Boremypantsov as I thought could happen he became the carpet the rest of the group trampled upon... boredom thy name is Anthony.

Go Bo GO! Is it obvious enough that this guy is the best overall 'musician' we've had on this show or what? He kicked this things ass, though it was a bit of an odd place to start the song. I still give him huge points for "I wish I had a guitar strapped around my neck and was singing original songs but..." since I don't think there's another contestant except maybe Anwar (not sure if he writes though) that could do that. Bo kicked ass, plain and simple.

JazzieCazzie's Travis Why are your feet nailed to the stage when we know how you can move?? I see trouble ahead.

ConstantCreed I actually liked the song choice but he was truly all over the place and the start of the song was always a few notes ahead of him. I still think he's a gigantic poseur.

David Brown If you could lift moments out of this performance you could piece together something impressive but the uneven nature of that performance may sink him in the long run.

Jared Yates Simon intros saying 'You have presence' and then Jared comes out singing in slow motion and he's drowning into the watery grave opening behind him on the AI-tron. We have a serious contender for 'Most Boring of the Night'.

Anwar Robinson Needed to not bore us but this peformance should have been preceeded by passing out pillows to the audience. What a bizarro song choice, and way to go crazy on the last note after being complimented on not 'doing runs all over'. ON pure talent alone he should make it, unfortunately this show isn't about talent...

Judd Harris Damn I want this kid to do well! As I've said before, this kid is more of a rocker than Constantine. This performance was a JPL-ish nightmare though; I thought it was too much repetition in his portion of the song. He sounded really rough and growly too... but it was nowhere near safe so kudos. I still want to see him over the boredom brigade next week.

Joseph MurMiniEnrique I am being deafened by the chorus of shreiking teeners... his background track is a freakin' nightmare, it sounds like someone 'playing wine glasses'. His voice is dammmmmn smooth with more power behind it than others of the BoringBoyz.

Mario Fezquez aka Sir Pimpedalot I saw people betting he'd be going last; you all get a cookie! Stop channeling DeGarmo with the 'C'Mon people!' bullshit. This performance is a nightmare; and he needed to stop bouncing around long enough to breathe and sing. I... I... just don't know what the fuck. Of course the judges tonguebathe him... for his 'charismar'. As I said, it's not about talent...

Not a great start honestly, I say three good performances... say goodbye to David Brown and Jared Yates y'all.

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Blogger Adam sez:

I agree with ya WS - it was a rather underwhelming beginning for the YEAR OF THE MALE - WHOO! Blah.

I was LMAO at your "wine glasses" description of Joseph(?)'s backing music. There was a live band - I think I saw them in the shadows off to the side. So maybe it really WAS someone playing "wine glasses" ala Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality; my vote is that it was KimberMe Caldwell back there.

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