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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Drawing The Line...
by Wandering Snark

Yes AI; I admit to being your bitch. You use me, I use you... we have a wonderfully dysfunctional realtionship. We represent Amurica... I'm fine with that I guess.

I love the hell outta all my TWoPeeps they're why I keep watchin this garbage, bottom line... but AI I'm calling you out on this three days a week bullshit, as well as interminable hour-long (further) mental abuse of the 'boys and girls'. So, I know you won't like this but I'm not giving you another day.

Take your third day, make it four hours if you want; put electroshock collars on the 'boys and girls' (who are 29) and say 'Okay, now two of you will stop convulsing, remove your collars, pick up the itty bitty pieces of your shattered dreams and say goodbye to America... after the break' but you aren't going to get me to 'buzz' about it.

We gotta draw the line somewhere., so see you Monday, but this is the last you'll get out of me on this newly bastardized Wednesday. I boycott. Take care.

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