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The Retreat spawns from the Television Without Pity American Idol Forum. Primarily for your longer form recaps, a place outside of the flow of the crazy episode threads. This way we can enjoy/comment/encourage/rationalize these long posts more easily. We spend the time on them, here's another spot for them to have 'life'. Not a forum replacement but a sub-set: Post there, paste here! Or more? We'll see. Oh, and NO SPOILERS! Welcome back for a new year of soul crushing pimping of Chosen Ones. -WS

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

FAQish: Dude... what the hell?
by Wandering Snark

So, I'd guess there's a lot of that going around?

Well, as people take the chance and file in what are ya supposed to do? What's it going to look like? In general: what the fuck? Fair question. Real answer:

Whatever the posters/readers make it.

First off: Blog usage tips:

I've actually made a lot of changes to the site template to make all the quirks more clear as for posting/responding/editing so I porbably don't need to go into detail on that anymore. The main page now has a link you can click to make a new post. Click on the 'pencil' icon to edit your own posts.

Also, the site uses 'real' html code not the [b][/b] TWoP code. Paste your messages from TWoP by copying your text from your post as it appears in the thread itself; it will pick up all your bolding/italics etc. so you don't have to change your ['s to <'s. Yeah, I totally figured that out on accident.

About the Retreat itself:

The starting point idea of mine is to get those of us that tend to write longer-form episode recaps at TWoP and have them post what they do there here. Having them all together would be cool... I feel sometimes that the long posts get skipped basically. People spend (taking myself as example) a lot of time on them so it's another place to give those posts life.

What you'll see here will be posts by a group of TWoPer's and comments from anyone who reads them. If you just want to read & respond you're all set, let anyone know we're here!

If you want to be able to make your own initial posts I just need your email addy, then I'll send you the 'official' message to get you set up. My email is 'minstrel007 at sbcglobal dot net' that's 007 like James Bond... (spelled out so it doesn't get broadcast to the spamming robots of the world) You can then reply as well as make your own 'first posts', whenever you want. Go for it. Now? You bet!

If you want to post anything else? Go for it. If you want to post an even longer diatribe that wouldn't make it under the 'length of post' standard at TWoP? Go for it.

Cool? It's an open invite to anyone who knows how to get here, we'll see where it goes. Feel free to invite anyone to come by! Questions? Comments? Recipes for tasty snacks? Reply here or email me direct.

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Blogger Adam sez:

Dude, I totally understand what you mean about the longer posts. I know I personally read every post in the eppy threads at TWoP but sometimes, especially new people, will say the same thing I posted like ten pages ago. And it's like? Damn.

I'm new to the whole Blogger thing but I think I get it now (look, don't laugh at me - I may cry like TammyWynette (!) Nash from AI) so cool. This should be fun.

Anonymous MSat sez:

I'm in, O Snarkish One. The longer posts on TWoP are my raison d'etre. Metaphorically speaking, of course. There's nothing worse than writing a painstaking recap of your thoughts on an episode only to have the person right after you regurgitate what you said....or respond with three words. Gah! This is an excellent idea.

Blogger Wandering Snark sez:

Excellent! You never know how people will take to blind invites; or if they even have an email they actually check listed via TWoP. So as I've said feel free to invite anyone to come out ya want. You run this place as much as I do.

Glad to hear people feel the same way here; my second post to a show thread is always this long string of quotes plus comments mostly pulled from the long posts 'cause I dig 'em and know they get skipped over a lot. Pulling one of those together was when I first thought of this.

MSat; I'll need your email addy so I can get you 'first post' ability.

Blogger uagirl sez:

Yeah, I feel so special to be invited, and this is a great idea! How in the world do I send you my e-mail address though?

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