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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Girls! Girls! Girls!
by wasimmerdude

Ah, the ladies. They certainly are a pretty group, and I thought the group hug for Ryan at the end was so awful and hilarious at the same time. Too bad it was wasted on someone who wouldn't even appreciate it.

Vonzell: fun performance. I really like her tone, but she's got a weaker chest voice/lower register. I thought she sounded a bit frantic at times. I liked her "yeah yeah" section, but the ending was too tame. It trailed off too much, so it was a bit anticlimactic. But in all, it was a fun, energetic performance. A-

Amanda: Yeah, she's purty, but I didn't like her singing. She was pitchy, and sounded sharp for most of the notes. I'm not a fan of vibrato, and hers sounded forced. I didn't like her choruses, which also sounded strained, and especially her "how"'s. She didn't have much control over her voice, and sounded shaky thoughout. C+

Janay: Whoa, that was painful. Her tone is shaky, her pitch is wobbly, her melismas are pretty bad, and I didn't like her choruses. Her body movements were weird, and she looked/sounded like she was going to cry or just really nervous. Her high held notes were weak. I like her, but this was a bad performance. C-

Carrie: Oh man, she's super cute. Then again, I'm such a sucker for the cornfed types. I like her nice, clean tone, but her belty notes sounded strained. When she sang her second "at all" after the first chorus, it sounded way off. Her long held notes were off-pitch. She also had a shaky last note, too. In all, it was kind of a weak performance, because she was trying too hard to belt it out, but she didn't have strong enough control or support. B

Sarah: she sounded very nasal. Her tone is very smooth, but it was almost too much for this song. I kept thinking that she sounds like LeAnn Rimes while she was singing this - that vibrato-free, nasally tone which I think can be very pretty, but not right for "Get Ready." I thought she had a very boring interpretation of what's normally a fun song. She kept doing the same thing with the choruses, and I was hoping she'd vary it up a bit. B

Melinda: way too much ornamentation and vibrato. It was distracting. Her lower range was weak, and she started too low, so it sounded hollow. Of course, during the chorus, she sounded sharp during "lady." Her tone was pretty shaky, and her ornamentation was just too overdone. She did have a nice long held note at the end, however, but I think the judges really heaped too much praise on her. B

Nadia: she had a great stage presence. As people have said, she really seems like the true rocker. I love her pure tone. She didn't sound forced at all, and has a great rockerella sound. It was a lot of fun to see her perform. She had my favorite performance of the night. A

Celena: she started way too low, and you could barely hear her. Never a good sign. Her chest voice is weak, and her belting voice isn't strong enough to support this song. It was a very forgettable performance. Complete meh. C-

Mikkalah: Whoa. I don't like her schtick. Her whole performance was just so showy. She sounds incredibly nasal, just like Fran Drescher. It's not pretty, and I didn't like her whole pursed-lip thing after the first chorus. I don't like her talky parts. She just seems like she's trying too hard to be a "broad," and it doesn't work well for her. I kept thinking her performance was like that of a dragqueen. C

Lindsey: This girl really likes her lingerie tops. And her boobstroking. But she's very cute. Her performance was completely boring. I like her rich, deep, smoky tone, but not with this song. Her vibrato sounded shaky and forced. This song was so incredibly boring and way too slow. It was forgettable. B-

Jessica: I like her husky, silky tone. Her vowels were kind of strange, and she had a weird mouth, probably due to the slight overbite she seems to have. She sounds almost country-ish. I didn't really like this song, because it can be incredibly boring, and her performance didn't add any drama to it. It was perfectly pleasant, but nothing special. B

Aloha: fun. She's cute too. I liked her great control over her voice, and her strong sound. She's got just enough of that rough edge to her voice which makes it interesting. I don't think it's a good idea for the contestants to sing songs where the backup singers do most of the chorus and they only do the embellishments, but she still managed to make this song fun. B+

I think Janay and Celena deserve to go home.
I think Celena will be gone, and anyone else amongst Amanda, Melinda, Lindsay, and Jessica could easily get the boot.

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