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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Jumping the Snark ...
by JazzieCazzie

You know you're in trouble when a show is so mean and so harsh that even the TWoPers are dumbfounded and gobsmacked.

All I can say is that I hope that the reason behind last night's episode was something that wasn't apparent to the naked eye (oh, I said naked). Like, Judd Harris is actually not the pretty cool, nice, not-terribly-talented but fun-to-be-around guy he appears to be, but is in truth a complete and utter tool, which is why they devised this particular Very! Special! Elimination! for him at the last minute.

I'd hate to think that he was the unwitting and random victim of American Idol 4's attempt to be the new Apprentice, replacing "you're fired!" with an abrupt "you're out!" (unless they're saying it to Constantine).

I'll admit I thought in the past they tended to get way too syrupy with their sing-outs and farewells ... but this went too far in the other direction for me. I had no particular affection for any of the four who left last night, and in fact was dewy with relieved perspiration at the fact that MyPretendBoyfriendTravis lived to sing another night (and hopefully he'll do something uptempo and fun! fun! fun!). But I didn't think any of them deserved last night's treatment either ... (OK, Constantine did. And so would Mikalah have) ...

I am hoping that TPTB will see the stunned reaction of most viewers and rethink some of the decisions they made this week .. decisions like leaving Simon's "microphone" comment in there after editing (I am not easily offended but that was just out of line completely and I felt for Amanda and her tepid giggles). Decisions like ... well, pretty much every one they made ...

And quite frankly if I hear Randy and Paula say anything about "poor song choice" and "you just didn't bring it dawg" one more time I really will watch the whole thing on mute. As much as I hated Simon's comment about the mike, and hated even more their choice not to edit it out since it seemed pretty off the cuff, at least he doesn't use the same drivel over and over again (though I am pretty sick of the bad hotel lobby singer line by now, especially when used about Travis).

I don't think Jared or Melinda's departure came as a shock to anyone, and the fact that Melinda WAS so surprised leads me to believe that had she remained we might have seen a bit of the Diva ... but I totally loved her calling the judges/editors/show out on the fact that her total lack of airtime might have hurt her ... I'm guessing now that these kids probably had no clue (or little clue) as to who was going to get the lion's share of the pimping once it aired ... I remember last year wondering when we saw Latoya if she had sat there during all of those episodes leading up to the first showdown on live TV just stunned that they didn't show her at all ... I got the feeling that Melinda may have thought that she would be shown more and didn't realize she wouldn't until she actually watched the show. Anyone else get that vibe?

Those idiot judges can babble on all they want about how all that notwithstanding, if she didn't "bring it" she wasn't going to move on ... but they were missing the point. No one can tell me that if we had seen as little of Mikalah (I only wish) as we'd seen of Melinda, that she would have still moved on with that godawful performance Tuesday night. The only reason she is still alive is that some idiots somewhere actually think she funny and charming and are "fans" of hers ... and that was the point Melinda was making, that certain people had already developed fanbases.

Mr. Cazzie is sad that his pretend girlfriend Sarah (the brunette Michelle Pfeiffer) will no longer grace his screen. I think he's turning his attention to Lindsay now ... by the way, is it just me or did she miraculously grow Julia-Demato-like dinners in the space of a week? Now we know why she grabs her boobs when she's singing ... she has those little chicken-cutlet thingies they sell to stuff your bra and she's afraid they are going to fall out of her lingerie top. That said, I actually liked her a lot ... at this point I can only stand three of the girl singers. Nadia (LOVE Nadia, she is totally Cazzie Lite's favorite girl and mine too), Aloha (I reserve the right to change my mind on this one, if she turns too much into the second coming of J-Hud) and Lindsay, because she seems like someone I would hang out with and I like her voice.

I am also stunned that Judd really finished in the bottom two of the vote. If I could only figure out where I put that tinfoil hat from last season ... I know it's here somewhere.

And if I hadn't mentioned it ... I hate Constantine. And his ass face.

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Blogger JazzieCazzie sez:

I'm sure there is a way to edit my own post but I haven't figured it out so may I just give my hubby cred for this prediction of ouster:
"Mr. Cazzie: Jared and Scott, because I don't think he will be enough people's favorites to vote him through, or else Jared and Judd"

Blogger Swoopin sez:

There's a little pencil icon below your published post. If you click on that you can edit.

Now, first, I was also pleased that Pretty!Travis! was still standing at the end of that horror last night (and when I rewatched I thought he was much better than they gave him credit for--and not even remotely out of tune, Simon, so I call bullshit there). Long live Travis!

What I really wanted to say, though, was that I was also really annoyed by the repeated microphone comment--Mr. Swoop made some pretty pointed comments about how if any man in any workplace said something like that to a woman they'd be fired immediately. There was no need to show it again. It was offensive the first time and doubly so the second. But I think in some weird way that comment may have saved her--I suspect she got a lot of sympathy votes based on that.

Blogger Wandering Snark sez:

I too was appalled that they chose to take the 'any buzz is good buzz' approach by repeating the mic comment.

Though Swoop, ya might be right and in an even odder way he may have meant it in order to do just that. Simon knows he's untouchable.

Blogger Wandering Snark sez:

BTW I just updated/added some 'how to' stuff to the FAQish about how to post/edit/etc, I also added a line to the header to tell people how to reply to messages.

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