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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Let's Hear It for the "Boys"
by wasimmerdude

(Sorry this is a day late, but I'm on the West Coast, and don't get to see the girls go at it for another hour.)

Ah, the start to another round of semifinals. Unfortunately, last night's show was very underwhelming, given that this is supposedly the best group of guys ever.

Nikko: great upper register, nice control. I really like his voice, and think he sounded a LOT like Stevie. However, he was a bit shaky at times, it sounded like. I did like him a lot nevertheless, and hope his being first doesn't cause people to forget how good he was.

Scott: great tone. He really does sound effortless, like many people are saying, but there's just something about him that bugs me. Probably because he was so creepy during the Hollywood round, or just because he looks a bit different than what I'd expect from his voice. But, I have to concede that he's got a really sweet-sounding voice.

Anthony: pitchy at places, weird diction, overdoes the vibrato, and sounds sharp. He sounds like he's trying too hard, so he often sounds forced. Don't like the split-screen pimping.

Bo: I've liked Bo from the beginning, admittedly at first because he was pitted against Constantsuck, whom I loathe. But, tonight, he tore that shit up. His performance, though a bit shaky at first, was awesome. It was a great song choice, which forced the audience to start clapping along, which is always good. He definitely knows how to work the crowd, and had great stage presence, despite working the dump-squat every now and then. Awesome. By far my favorite performance of the night, and he seems like a really nice guy to boot. Yay!

Travis: nice voice, but boring. The arrangement was awful, but it was just a completely unmemorable performance.

Constantine: HATE. Hate the eye-fucking, hate his smug face, really dislike his voice. I don't like his vibrato, since it highlights the fact that he has no control. He's sharp and wobbly. He sounds like he's trying not to sound too broadway, but you can tell that that's his normal inclination. He's just plain affected. I tried every now and then not to look at the screen, since his face pisses me off so much and I wanted to listen to just his voice without any negative influence. But, he still sounded awful. Ugh.

David: sounded sharp and pitchy. It was a boring song, too repetitive.

Jared: sounds whiny. Too much vibrato. Boring. Completely forgettable.

Anwar: too much vibrato. I almost thought he sounded like a woman while he was singing. Very gospelly. He's got a nice voice, and though I'm not normally a fan of overdone melisma, I did like his runs at the end. But, it was funny, especially since the clip they showed was of the judges praising his not overdoing the runs, as WanderingSnark pointed out earlier.

Judd: Like many people say, he really rocks out more than the "rockers." First Mustang Sally, then this? I really like his taste in songs. Shaky tone, though - it goes between smooth and overly growly. But it was a fun performance, and his voice is pretty good.

Joe: Cheesy, but a perfectly acceptable perfomance, I think. I really like his tone, if he'd get rid of the vibrato. His voice is dammmmmn smooth (quoting WanderingSnark, again), and I like it. Great tone, but he made some weird faces, which were distracting.

Mario: nice high register, but can sound a bit sharp, almost desperate sounding. I like his clear tone, but too much vibrato. He almost sounds tinny in his upper register. I don't hate him nearly as much as I initially thought I would, and I've actually grown to kind of like him.

I think Jared and David deserve to get the boot.
I have a feeling, though, that Nikko will be going home.
I would give my left leg for Constantcrap to get the axe, but I highly doubt that will happen. Grr.

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