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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

by Swoopin

And now we know who the people who don't deserve to be in the top 24 are, or at least 9 of them.

The first thing I noticed is that Mario is STILL wearing that STUPID hat. Do you suppose he just replaces his whole head every time he changes hats?

The second thing I notice is that Randy Jackson is a.) not from Cleveland, and b.) is not Arsenio Hall, and therefore does not deserve to have a "dawg pound."

Vonzell: Ah, the Beloved Burger King Flames are back! Yay! I liked her energy, but I thought she was a little screamy, and I also noticed she had some enunciation issues. And I thought the ending fell flat.

Amanda: I'm sorry, but I liked Joe's version better last night. Advice: bras are your friends. This was meh and yelly and I thought she sucked. And Simon clearly hopes she does.

Janay: She was awful because she was scared, but what I liked was that the guys totally propped her up at the end and gave her a big round of applause for the power note. That was totally cool of them. I'd like to see her again.

Carrie Overpimped: Tiffany? Tiffany? Get thee to a mall. Seriously, I thought she interpreted the song well, but I thought she was boring to watch and a little yelly here and there. And her voice tightens up the higher up she goes in her register, which gives it a weird tone.

Sarah: Stand. Up. Straight. Damnit. I like her voice, but this was totally the wrong song for it--she hasn't got enough power to sing something like that.

Melinda Lira: The first mystery date of the night. I think her voice is good and that she has nice range, but she is really, really awkward on stage--straddling and bending her knees. And the pleated white skirt made her look really icky.

Nadia: Performance of the night, hands down. So the Stealth Rocker is a girl, eh? I'm on board for the Bo/Nadia duet.

Celena: Mystery date number two. She's so going home.

Mikaylah: Did we suddenly stumble on drag impersonation theme night? Jesus Christ on a bagel, she sang like Fran Drescher, talked like Babs, and did a really bad Bette Midler performance, all in one. Which I suppose is somekind of talent, but Jesus, it's not one I want to see ever again. God Awful.

Lindsay: Will someone please buy this girl a shirt so she can stop performing in her underwear? Thanks. Lindsay's idea of stage presence is to occasionally eye fuck the camera and stroke herself. I liked her voice, but I thought this was dull, dull, dull.

Jessica: I'm giving her points for resisting the temptation to yell. I thought she showed some nuance to her singing, but she also went flat quite a bit. Oddly, I thought her dress was totally a bizarre outfit choice for this song, too. Top of the middle of the pack, I think.

Aloha:I thought she was funny on the couch. "Ryan, Ryan." You know he does that every morning. That said, I liked this. I liked her skirt, which I thought flattered her fuller figure. I think she's got something, but I agreed, for once, with Randy: be yourself, not Beyonce. And for cripes sake, ditch the damned flower.

So Paula learned a new word this year? Niche. Yawn.

Out: Celena for sure, and then, well. Hard to say. Nadia, Aloha, Carrie, Vonzell, and Jessica are probably staying. And Mickles the Clown, alas. Otherwise, it's a crap shoot for the other boot.

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Blogger Wandering Snark sez:

I think 'niche' is the new 'your box'.

And I'm glad to come here and read people's stuff since this '2 to 3 minutes, hang tight' bullshit at TWoP is really all over my nerves.

Blogger Swoopin sez:

You know, I love Twop, but I hate that it's gotten so popular because it crashes more than Paula coming down off the drugs. Works my last nerve, and you never know if your post is going to get eaten. And I think when TAR starts again next week it'll be even worse.

Blogger Wandering Snark sez:

Yeah, quickly becoming a victim of it's own successes... weren't they supposed to be adding capacity or something recently? Hopefully that hasn't taken root yet because if it has then they are reallly in trouble.

Knocking down the servers every night after the show has certainly chopped the page totals for threads though eh? What we're around 15ish for each night?

Blogger Swoopin sez:

They're running around 15 to 17 pages a night, and I'm noticing most of that's coming after 11 EST. And I thought Yahoo was supposed to take care of the capacity problems. Except in my experience, they tend to live up to their name. So maybe not.

Blogger Wandering Snark sez:

Okay... so they claim to have finally put the 'extra server' up; leading to nobody being able to connect at all for probably a day plus... whelll that is one way to cut down on your server load I guess.

We'll see what happens when it comes back up because it was getting pretty fuckin dire this past week.

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