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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

AI4 or the bottom of a Chamber Pot?
by Phan

It's hardly worth really commenting on any of the performances tonight, since they were all so meh really. Being able to view the Canadian version this year has spoiled me I guess. So I'll attempt to sum up each of them in a word.

Bo: Awkward.
Jessica: Forgetable.
Anwar: Frightening (since I literally said what Randy did as Anwar was singing).
Nadia: Rangeless.
Constantine: Better.
Nikko: Confusing.
Anthony: Yawn.
Carrie: Good.
Scott: Whatever.
Vonzell: Great.

Top Two: Vonzell, Carrie

Good-bye To: It's either Anthony or Jessica and... I'd say Jessica, though I don't agree with that.

Predicted Bottom 3: Anwar will be 3rd, Anthony will scrape through at 2nd, and Jessica will recieve the boot.

Also, if anyone can email HappyCamper, could you send the following (for the
Fantasy Game, don't cha know?) from me, Phan:

Folks before the 1st in Bottom 3 is announced: Three
Who goes back to the couch: Anwar
Who stays on the seal: Jessica
Who goes home: Anthony

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Blogger Adam sez:

Phan, I'm THINKING that I know the email that happycamper left on the post and I'm going to try to send mine now. I'll send yours as well but I'm not 110% sure I remembered the alternate email for when TWoP goes down that was given for the fantasy game.

Blogger Phan sez:

Thanks Adam, much appreciated.

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