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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

And The Top 12 Is...(but really, it's only a top 4 and some filler, people)
by Swoopin

And so we arrive at the final semi-elimination show with Ryan Sprinkles and the Music of Doom and 16 people either mugging at the camera or looking like they wish they'd never have ditched their rosary beads.

My thoughts on the relatively painless elims tonight:

First, where were our beloved ice cream stools? And couldn't they have sprung for some better chairs? Those looked uncomfortable as hell.

I'm betting that Mario, Lindsey, Vonzelle, and Boredmeov were the lowest vote getters of the top 12.

When Ryan started his "two rockers" shenanigans, I knew they'd both made it. Incidentally, I am now mentally referring to Bo and Constanttinkerbelle as "Pro and Con," which sums up my attitudes about them. I did like that he messed with Constantlytank's mind a bit. Squirm, damnit. And did he wear a Guacs shirt?? A Guacs belly shirt? I didn't need to see that.

Bo, meanwhile, is rolling his eyes at Ryan as he makes his way down and I'm thinking "don't mess with this guy. He's got a knife tat on his chest Ryan." I get the impression that Bo really hates the bullshit that is this show. Which translates, for me, into "I cannot wait to see Bo in his first pimpmercial." Ha.

Carrie and her ugly shirt--she should not wear that melon color. And what's with her sudden love for the shiny metalic crap on her clothes? Is it so that she doesn't completely fade into the woodwork? What's that flashing? Oh, it's Carrie's metalic crap on her lingerie top.

Nadia is wearing her grandmother's rug.

Anwar looks relieved to make it in, and he's wearing his teacher clothes. Hee.

Jessica is psyched, and she's got the girls restrained tonight, thank God.

You know, tough call between Scott and Nikko, really. I prefer Nikko, but that's just me, and I'm sorry he's gone, but I appreciate that Scott has a really great voice. What cracked me up was Simon saying "I can tell you one who's definitely going" and poor Travis looks chagrined and raises his hand like "pick me" and Simon, of course, does. I agree with the people who say don't blame Scott for Nikko's ouster, though. Blame Constolehisspottine. Or better, blame Mehrio, who's boring and lame.

I know Mickles irks people, but I'd rather watch her over the boring that is Amanda any day. In fact, I'd rather watch her over the boring that is Carrie too. She's not nearly as good vocally, but she at least makes it interesting. I did feel a little bad for Amanda--her whole face said, "well, that's it, back to Vegas and giving up singing." She, out of everyone, looked devastated.

Oh, and total props to Bo for giving props to the audience--never forget your fans, dude! And for thanking the judges. Now that's a class act, kids.

Overall, not a bad Top 12 at all. Lindsey's gone the first week, I think, but I hope she goes out with something equal to last night. And isn't wearing gauchos when she does it.

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Blogger Wandering Snark sez:

I'd decided the first week to not give AI the attention/time for their little three days a week shenanigans, but there was absolutely nada on last night so *shrug*

I too would have prefered Nikko but that was a close call and I'm okay with Scott as Nikko certainly has a better chance to grab an opportunity down the road and as we know from Simon this is Scott's only chance. Ever. You freak. *eye roll*

I absolutely loved ConstantButtOfOurJokes telling Ryan about how there's plenty of room for both he and Bo because "I think we're very different people". I totally imagined him following that up with "because, you know, he's the real deal and I'm a poseur. If you need any more evidence to back up that point you'll notice that tonight I'm wearing a Justin Guarini t-shirt."

That itself was worth tuning in for, and I'm glad someone else caught that he was wearing that!

The jaded bastard in me is kinda glad to see Amanda snuffed out like a cigarette under fate's shoe after her whole "If I didn't make it I'd just give up on my dreams altogether" thing in THE CHAIR.

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