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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The "Boys" are Back in Town
by wasimmerdude

I thought this week's performances were, as a whole, a lot more entertaining than last week's. And the judges seemed reeeally nice this week. Maybe it really was in response to Wednesday's bloodbath.

Mario: his voice sounded thin, and he started way too softly. He was nearly drowned out by the background music, which can never be a good thing. I do like his clear tone and voice, but the song was nothing spectacular. The last few notes sounded a bit off to me. And, I don't like his overdone gratitude whenever the judges fellate him. Meh.

Anwar: he started way too low, I think, and was also too soft. I'm still ambivalent about the arrangement. I liked his "you know you got to find a way"'s, but thought his choruses were nasal. I don't like his vibrato or his melismas, since I think he tries to overdo the vocal gymnastics. He was a lot more energetic than last week, but I don't think it was entirely appropriate for this song.

Joe: I like Joe. I think his tone is great, and his voice is really smooth. He's got a lot of power to his voice, and his clean tone is very nice to hear. He doesn't overdo the dramatics, which is refreshing. I personally really liked the "thank you so much" at the end of his performance, but can see where that seems a bit much.

David: Meh. He was too quiet at the beginning since the song sounded too low for his range, but he also managed to sound sharp throughout. It was a boring performance, his glory notes weren't anything special, and his lower register was weak. With all of the pimping they'd done of David during the audition rounds, I was expecting WAY more, but he's failed to deliver both weeks so far.

ConstantSuck: Oh MAN I hate this guy. His control is awful, he sounds like he's completely singing through his nostrils, and he just tries WAY too hard. I will admit that I liked his choruses, since his diction was clear and he was fairly on-key, but his screaming was absolutely ridiculous. It was painful. The sad thing is that he thinks shit like that will help validate his "rocker-ness" or something. He's just so damn contrived. Easily the worst performance of the night, but of course he'll be around a lot longer. Damnit!

Scott: I'm growing to like Scott a lot more, but fear he's not destined to go much further. His voice is so smooth and I love his tone. He's got a great falsetto and great control. However, he is breathy, and at times he can be boring. I keep waiting for him to blow us away, but he also has failed to deliver. I liked the glasses as they were a nice touch, but he's got to do something with the facial hair. I wonder if growing a Van Dyke would help, or if it'd make him look even creepier.

Travis: He sang "All Night Long." Hee!! I caught a weird affected accent while he was singing. Maybe I was just hearing things, but it sounded forced. I thought he sounded shaky, and didn't like the dancing because it caused him to sound breathless. At times I really liked his tone, but there were places where he sounded a bit sharp, probably because he was overcompensating for his breathing. The ending was weak. But hooray for Janay, Amanda, and Aloha for singing along during the bridge part!

Nikko: I thought he sounded great. His high notes were great, and I loved his growly tone. His runs were nice, too. I did think that he chose a song that didn't allow him to sing enough and showcase his voice. It was mostly his embellishing on top of the background singers, which only showcases vocal theatrics and not the ability to command a melody, so that was unfortunate, I thought. But, his voice was very pleasant to me. Two great performances in two weeks.

Anthony: Ugh, another power ballad? Boo. His diction is weird, and his song choices are so boring. Too much vibrato, and he's pretty darn pitchy. He's too sharp, and he overcompensates by throwing in crazy-ass vibrato, which sounds so hollow and forced. I don't like his glory notes. Boo.

Bo: He was awesome last week, so I was afraid that he wouldn't live up to expectations this week. Well, he did, and went way beyong. He absolutely fucking destroyed everyone else, I thought. He rocked the fuck out on "Whipping Post," and was a true performer tonight. His raw energy and passion were incredible, and infused the song with such power and strength. His growly tone was great, and his screaming was appropriate and helped add to the song (take a note, ConstantSuck). He's a performer through and through, and it comes off as real and genuine from him. I can't help but feel like he loves what he's doing, absolutely loves music, and sings from his heart and soul. LOVE BO. My favorite coming into the semifinals, and he's done nothing but impress me for the past two weeks.

Who I think deserves to go: Constantine and David
Who I think will go: David and Scott

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