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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Children of the 90's
by wasimmerdude

The 90's, eh? Way to keep the theme as ridiculously broad as possible, TPTB, thus allowing everyone to stay in their convenient little boxes. Blech.

Once again, the utter disgust and loathing with which I view Paula came to the fore tonight. She's absolutely worthless, and makes me write down horrible things while I take my notes. It's so mean, I hate it. But I hate her more.

Bo: Dude, what's with the hat? Ugh. It looked horrible. While Bo's a good showman and I think he's great, his voice was shaky. He sounded sharp at times, and he didn't have the greatest control. Vocally, he's not terribly impressive, but he's definitely having a lot of fun. I especially love how he crawled across the judges' desk. But, bottom line is that his voice wasn't strong. This song, however, did have some great growly and yelly parts to help him cover that up. Ultimately, though, I still love the guy. He's such a great performer and always has such fun. His "mooved" joke was horrible, though. He's either a giant dork or just stoned.

Simon and Ryan are now flicking each other's ears. They're so having sex.

Jessica: I love her, and think she's beautiful. She looks great in her pre-song interviewlet. Her opening notes were beautiful. Her key change was a bit scary, but eventually she settled into it. I love her voice and her wonderful achy tone. She infuses such emotion into her songs, it's so interesting and entertaining. I'm unfamiliar with the song, and while her performance was perfectly pleasant, I'm afraid it might be boring or forgettable. I love her and her voice, and hope she stays, though I wouldn't be surprised if she were to leave.

Anwar: I must start off by saying that I absolutely HATE this cheesy song. Unfortunately, Anwar did nothing to make me like it. His tone was very shaky at the beginning of the song, and I still don't like his overdone vibrato. Whoa, extreme close-up. It looks like he's wearing shiny lip gloss or something. Heh. He stares way too creepily into the camera. His notes are scoopy. I don't like his melismas and jumps. His voice and tone just sounds thin, and he sounds sharp on the chorus. I hate when the contestants resort to belting to try to salvage the song, and of course the audience goes absolutely batshit crazy. Ugh. For once, I think Randy's spot on with his criticism. Paula should just shut the hell up. She's SO rude, interrupting people all the time. My GOD, she's a stupid woman.

Nadia: Wow, your hair. Thanks for the history thereof. Pff. I really like her lower register and her beginning. She sounds strong and determined. Her faces are a bit scary, though. I feel like she wants to come to my window and slap me. I was a bit torn by her choruses, since they didn't sound as strong as they should have been. She loses that wonderful growly tone that she has in the verses. Her second chorus was actually much better than her first. Much more raw and harsh-sounding. Overall, a great performance. Again, Randy was spot on with his comments. Sometimes he's great, sometimes he's horrible.

Constantine: I was folding my laundry while watching the show, and didn't bother to stop to watch Constantine's performance. I only listened, and thought he wasn't too bad. His voice and tone are annoyingly nasal and he always sounds sharp, and his vibrato is horrible and forced, but at least he was on key. He did a fine job with this song. But I still hate him and want him to get the boot.

Nikko: His verses were a bit shaky since his lower register isn't terribly strong, but I loved his first chorus. I would have hoped that he would have sung it again, rather than doing all of the little flourishes and melismatics at the end. I love Nikko's somewhat whiny (and I mean that in a good way) tone, since it works so well for the songs he picks.

Anthony: Hmm. Without his glasses, he looks even more like he's 12 years old. He seems to sound more and more foreign with each week. I actually liked his performance, but as a whole his voice always sounds forced and strained. I hate his vibrato, since it just sounds so theatrical and fake. Nice screamy notes at the end, but it might have been a bit much. Simon SO wants Anthony gone, it's incredible. And, Paula really needs to stop interrupting him all the time. It's so ridiculously rude.

Carrie: Man, I think Carrie's absolutely beautiful. She also sounds a bit ditzy in her interviewlet. She has nice hair tonight. Her tone is very solid, pretty, and clean. Her choruses sound like they might be off, but there's no way to hear her above the insane background singers. She's nice and belty, but sounds off tonight. Either way, she's gorgeous.

Scott: All of his old jobs had to do with food. Hee! I LOVE One Last Cry. But Scott sounds shaky and pitchy. I do love his falsetto, which sounds so pure and easy for him.
His shirt looks horrible. He looks like he's wrapped to be placed in the oven. I love his tone, and his beautiful falsetto. I love this song, but maybe it's a bit boring. And, Paula? You don't need his song to sway back and forth, you already have your drugs. Blech.

Vonzelle: I LOVE her. She's so adorable. She looks great, and sounds even better. Her voice is very strong, and her beginning is wonderful. Her choruses are amazing, and her tone is so beautiful and urgent. Her melisma on the third "nothing" is shaky, and of course they highlight that in the review at the end. Pah. Randy, once again, is right; she just keeps getting better and better each week. Paula, once again, makes absolutely no sense. Ugh.

As a whole, a decent week.

Who I think should be bottom three: Anwar, Constantine, Anthony
Who I think will be bottom three: Jessica, Anthony, Scott
Who should go home: Anwar
Who probably will go home: Jessica

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