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Friday, March 04, 2005

The Great Divide: The (So-Far) Season in Retrospect
by Phan

It's the 16th episode of the season (wow, time flies) and we're around the actual halfway point.

In one week, the Top 12 will be duking it out in the Finals. However, this is the year TPTB have been revealed to not only us, the forumites, but the casual viewers as well. Two of the eight cast-outs have called the show on it's over-the-top favoring of contestants. There are four categories as I see it.

The heavily pimped: Carrie, Constantine, Anthony, Scott, Mario, Mikalah, and the recently booted David.

The moderately pimped: Amanda, Travis, Vonzell, Lindsey, Anwar, and Janay

The contestants editing almost left out: Nikko, Jessica, Nadia, Judd (booted week one), Sarah (booted week one)

And the Hey, Who are they? contestants: Bo, Joesph, Jared, Celena, Melinda, and Aloha, all of which have been booted, minus Bo.

Carrie, Constantine, Anthony, Scott, Mario, and Mikalah
Amanda, Travis, Vonzell, Lindsey, Anwar, and Janay
Nikko, Jessica, and Nadia

Notice a pattern? Eliminations have definitely correlated with the amount of airtime. Maybe it isn't causing it. My Psych professor likes to use an example of "Ice Cream sales go up as deaths due to drowning go up." Ice cream doesn't cause drowing, but it definitely correlates. I know this argument is being done to death on the forums, so instead of posting about 10 separate messages there, I figured I'd get it over with here.

It is very subjective and hard to analyze this show in anyway. There is the argument that you have to literally be amazing in order to survive in this show, and this should also be true. However, I read posts saying "I voted for Janay/David because of her Hollywood performances and I'm waiting for her to do better" here all the time. If that happens to posters on this board who may vote but not as compulsively as tweenies, imagine how often it happens on the official power dial boards of Idolforums and IdolOnFox with those posters? *Shudder*

I would love to see commentary here on the air-time issue.

Also, another thing I've noticed is that I typically agree with most of the posters on the TWoP boards concerning performance, I'm having a difficult time seeing how it's believed the girls are horribly awful this year compared to the guys. I did think the boys were better than the girls the second week, but not by much.

I think the boys had Bo's and yes, even Anthony's performances on their side which made them seem much better overall. Other than those two, I didn't really see much improvement. The girls were pretty equal to the rest of the boys, but no real stand-outs, and the band really drowned out the girls as well.

Right now I see about eight performers who would make the Top 12 an interesting watch: Bo, Nikko, Anthony, Anwar for the males, Carrie, Vonzell, Nadia, Mikalah for the females. Anyone else (except the annointed one Mario) will have to pull something out in order to steal any other postions. Though I'd say Jessica and Scott might be contenders for a Wildcard-like placement.
My projected Final 12:

Guys - Bo, Nikko, Anthony, Anwar, Scott, Mario. I see Constantine absorbing Nikko's spot though, which makes Baby Jesus cry.

Girls - Carrie, Vonzell, Nadia, Mikalah, Jessica, and at this point ABJ (anyone but Janay).

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Blogger Adam sez:

I agree with ya that I don't see a huge disparity talent-wise amongst the guys and the girls this year other than the fact that TPTB want a guy to seemingly win.

As far as prior airtime goes, I'm in the camp of it doesn't hurt a contestant if they come out guns blazing (ala La Toya) but it certainly hampers any of the sight unseens who come out meh'ing (ala Melinda). The prior airtime thing also forgives bad performances if you wowed during the auditions (saved David Brown a week for instance) because hey? You've already got a fanbase. TPTB were obviously trying to dismiss Melinda and Joe's arguments with Simon's rantings tonight but that's how I feel. While it's not impossible to overcome the early-pimp, one has to really bring it and it also gives an advantage to the pimpee that has an off night.

The only time I've ever voted when I didn't LOVE or at least like a performance is during the final 12, if and when I have a favorite (because Kim Locke's "I Heard it Through the Grapevine blew but by that point, I lurved her). Then again, I'm not a powerdialer so I guess that's sort of irrelevant, lol.

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