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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Upon Further Review: The Ladies
by Adam

No wonder the contestants are always singing songs containing various forms of "doing it" - Seacrust says "let's do it" off the top of the show. Is that a request or a command? Scary stuff man. Anyway, singing?

Amanda did indeed perform Celine's pale imitation of Tina's classic as someone mentioned on the boards. However, I still think she did a good job; she is among the most comfortable on stage and her voice has a pure quality I enjoy. Now, she does need to stop the mic abuse though. That made Trenyce's mic tapping seem demure.

Janay goes back to the "World's Most Shocking Acts Caught on Camera" style of singing this week. Honestly, I thought she was horrendous week one, I actually liked her last week, but not looking at the screen and just listening - it is quite clear. She picked a good song and is cute as a button but the voice wavered like Anna Nicole off her meds. I can most def admit it is time for her to go even though I don't put her at Carmen or JSIV levels of suckage.

Carrie Overpimped returns to the ballad except it is truly boring this time (which is scary since the other ballad she performed was TIFFANY and I liked that one). I mentioned in the ep thread that this Jo Dee Messina track crossed over to AC radio which is why Ellie May probably picked it but it is Sominex, Nytol, and Ambien all rolled into one. You know, she really is very pretty but the judges need to get over themselves with the "best voice" comments - she hits the notes but VERY often, has little conviction behind them.

Paybee V has the best smile of anyone ever; I'm just sayin'. Anyway, as with everyone else for this "listen back", I didn't look at the screen. Her performance does lose a bit without her excellent working of the stage but to me, she still has the coolest and most versatile voice in the competition. She didn't oversing, had a great amount of power, and didn't mimic Aretha or Kelly. It was hella fun and I still love her; she's the one I care the most about and I found her endearing with the outfit explanation. I rarely find cute "cute" but that seemed genuine to me especially the way her voice trailed off slightly embarassed but still loving the family.

Nadia loses even more than Vonzell when just listening because her voice isn't as strong especially on the slower, more sultry beginning. Will she actually be able to sell a ballad because she's going to have to at some point. However, once the tempo kicked in, she was awesome. You can hear the dedication and emotion in her voice.

Lindsey Lingerie shifted her fashion disaster southward this week rendering my nickname meaningless. I don't think her voice is big enough for this song and I think she wants to sing music that really DOESN'T fit what would be good for her. I know alot of you guys like her but I want her to go away because she really was the only one to get hidden underneath the band and I'm afraid she will strain internal organs trying to get some of the notes out. Randy's on crack because she wasn't trying to use her "husky tone" at all imo.

Mickles the Nanny Fine seriously? Without looking at the screen and before the glory note ending? Is the worst of the night in my book. Worse than freakin' Janay. Worse than Jessica Lisperra (who I, Adam, am the only one who hates but I digress). I'll admit that the ending was actually shockingly good but before then, it was a garbled, flat, tone deaf MESS. And I'm so tired of Randy going to the song choice like he TOTALLY wants to do then trying to back pedal. God.

Jessica Lisperra I have just all kinds of dislike for this contestant. I'm in the major minority (hee, does that make sense?) and I feel a little weird for that but I just don't like her voice, I don't like the trying to play up the Gretchen Wilson country trash diva thing, and I think she's gross (and I like "girls") always looking like she just rolled out of a bed and came to perform with a hangover. This performance to me was alot of yelling and for her supposed "big voice"? The glory notes always blow worse than showtime at Sea World to me. Yuck. yuck. yuck.

Since Swoopin is living in dreamland with Carrie going ;-) - I think I will too, can some combo of Mickles, Jessica, Janay, and Lindsey leave? After tonight, I honestly think Amanda is my third fav girl behind Paybee V and Nadia *ducks objects*

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