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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Why I hate this show, and yet I still watch....
by uagirl

Tonight’s theme? The 90’s. Seriously could this be any broader. Same lame intro where they go back stage and Ryan fake announces it. 90’s recollections from the people, oh what fun, except not.

Bo: Dude the hat. Why? Is he trying to steal Vonzelle’s cowboy look? I did like how he put it on Paula. I thought it was o.k. For sure his weakest performance. And then Paula goes drunkenly waving the stupid hat. Ugg. The problem for Simon is really that Bo is not Carrie.

Jessica: Sounded good. Was kind of boring though. Ooh bitchface to Simon. Ouch. Don’t wink at me girl!

Anwar: Poor sad story of the 90’s. New pose, sitting on the Bo spot. Wow, I thought he would nail this, instead it really wasn’t that good. Flat and not interesting. Shame. What a glory note, was that why the crowd goes nuts? Oh my god, Paula is so drunk, her words are so slurred.

Nadia: Wow, a lesbian anthem. Interesting….. That said, it wasn’t that good. There were for sure some notes that were WAY off.

Constantine: Do we have to? Oh GOD. What a fucking painful 1 ½ minute of my life. The brush back of the hair, the eye fuck. GROSS!!! The “voice” UGG!!! I knew if he tried to slow it down it would show how bad he sucks. Hee Randy just called him a poser. Awesome.

Nikko: This is the first time his dad has been brought up since his audition. Interesting. What is that Jacket? I don’t know this song. I thought he did a good job with it. SIT DOWN PAULA!!! Lost it at the VERY end. It was Tevin Campbell, who knew?

A-fed: OH MY GOD!!! We know you came over when you were young, it is not like you don’t remind us EVERY week. Where did the glasses go? He looks so different. And he sounded like crap until the glory note.

Carrie: Lame story. Didn’t Lindsey sing this? Am I hallucinating that? She sounded good I guess. Clapping for the band? Whatever. Simon is officially an ass, if that isn’t Karaoke than I don’t know what is. The girl only knows how to do carbon copies of songs.

Scott: I love this song. I thought he did a good job with it. I thought that Ricky did a better job back in season 2, but Scott was wonderful. Simon has not had a nice thing to say to him since his first audition.

Vonzelle: Oh. Whitney. In the pimp spot. She is so pretty. This is the best this song has sounded in the history of this show. She deserved the pimp.

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