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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Retreat News and Notes
by Wandering Snark

I 'backdated' this post so it will be at the bottom of the page... I'm going to link to it. This is the part where I or any of us do the forbidden "talk about the boards on the boards" kind of thing. Ideas, comments, questions, etc. will land here. Check back if you see that the ‘Last News’ date has been changed, k?

Previous News and Notes:

Here is the latest news from when I last made changes. As a new year begins I hope people will still see some worth in the Retreat even though we lost steam as the proceedings continued on crushing our collective souls. We're stil AI's bitch, best if we just admit it *grin*.

Sparked on by heading into the template file again to rid us of those 'flower' bullet points I ended up adding/changing a lot of stuff.

  • First off, yeah... dig the new bullets I stole from a different page template.
  • I added a 'quick link' to making posts at the top of the page. This should help since you can just bookmark the display page and click that link to take you to a new create posts screen. That's one aspect of the workings of this that's a bit wierd...
  • Some editing to the header and sidebar... a bit back I added in the Internet Traffic Report status display just 'casue it's cool as hell if you've never seen it. It's the answer to the eternal question: "Damn, is the Net slow today or is it just me?"
  • Drop-down Comments!!! I hated the whole confusing '# Comments" crap, so this change allowed me to clean up the header/sidebar by eliminating hiving to post how to respond to comments. Now, all you have to do is click the self-explanitory 'click here to display and/or reply' link which I also bolded and increased the text size of. The comments will scroll out for display, click it again and they 'roll back up'. Still working on the formatting at the bottom but the barebones are that to reply you just click on the 'Post a Comment' link at the bottom of the comments.

  • Re-noted: the site uses 'real' html code not the [b][/b] TWoP code. If you’ve posted a ‘full’ version to TWoP the best way is to just paste your messages by copying your text from your post as it appears in the TWoP thread itself; blogger will pick up all your bolding/italics etc. so you don't have to change your ['s to <'s. Yeah, I totally figured that out on accident. Speaking of accidents, the News post went all wonktastic on me so I had to put it down; this was the only piece of info that really was usefully from previous news so c’est la vie.

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